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Welcome to ShopperX Lab

New membership model built on a platform of community, innovation, and expertise dedicated to accelerating retail transformation to engage and delight shoppers 

Chart new waters with membership


Live Labs

Full-day experience labs with technology marketplace overviews, live demonstrations of best-of-breed solutions. Q&A and panel discussions with peers in the community; and hands on workshops for application to your business 

Learning Labs

 Half-day education labs communicating the most current information for hot, new and important industry topics. Learning Lab themes are based on what matters to your business with path forward strategies and ideas, and peer discussions 

Advisory & Expertise

Personalized services tailored to support your business priorities by retail enthusiasts and practitioners that become an extension of your team

Access to Community

In-depth knowledge sharing and best practice learnings with an intimate group of peers and industry leaders. Peer events to council meetings engage cross-functional teams and leaders 

Membership Benefits

1.  Innovate faster with Live Labs & Learning Labs 

2.  Create new experiences for your customers  based on actionable data and deep insights

3.  Gain alignment and buy-in across your organization

4.  De-risk investments through our personalized curation

5.  Benefit from shared learnings and best practices from a community of peers and experts to iterate and scale


Our Team is Your Team


We roll up our sleeves to meet your shoppers’ expectations. Our team is made up of smart, passionate, customer-centric enthusiasts that provide deep retail and brand industry knowledge combined with technology expertise

We utilize data, insights and learnings; integrate customer touchpoints; navigate the technology landscape; curate and fuse actionable solutions; and transform customer engagement and experiences. Looking forward to working with you

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